Module E: Ways students can use ICT to create

One of the most exciting uses of technology is as a tool that students can use to create original texts. You can open end and differentiate assessment by encouraging students to present information or create texts in any medium of production. This empowers students by giving them choice and access to a diverse and rich range of programs and websites.

Imagine that instead of a student being asked to write a narrative in word, they are invited to create a digital text that features images, sounds and transitions that represent the mood and themes of the story. Even students who struggle with story writing develop confidence in their ability to craft an original text.

Creating a written text using technology is effective for the following reasons:
  • Confidence: Spell check and online thesauruses
  • Inspiration: Images and models online
  • Planning: Storylines can be planned using graphic organisers such as Webspiration
  • Craft to artistry: Leads to a refinement of the writing process
  • Vocabulary: Online thesauruses
  • Refinement: Self and peer editing through insert word
  • Collaboration and reflection: Blogs and wikis where students and the teacher make suggestions