Teaching Activities Using ICT
There are so many innovative and exciting ways that teachers can use Web20 tools to engage students. They can access sites to improve their vocabulary and understanding of grammar, enhance their writing and deepen their understanding of the context of composers. The possibilities are endless!




Graphic Organisers
  • Wordle: Wordle - Convert a poem or 50-word microstory; pre and post test of learning; create a poem; overview of key concepts of a unit of work; vocabulary or spelling lists...
  • Tagxedo: tagxedo - Create a speech; capture the essence of an historical period or context; describe a character; create a story...
  • Webspiration
  • Pinball: Pinball - Brainstorm ideas
  • Museum in a Box: Museum in a Box - Fabulous site to load up documents, images, audio and video clips, links, etc.

Google Littrips

  • Students design their own webquests: Webquests

Google Apps

Teaching film

Unit of Work

Stasiland - Teaching Australia: Unit of work

Preliminary Unit of Work: Game of Life