Technology as a Teaching Tool
Technology enables teachers to create engaging and highly effective learning objects. They can use WEB 20 tools to enrich the learning and encourage students to use a plethora of tools to investigate, research, collaborate and create.

Deliver New Information or Concepts
To deliver information or introduce new concepts you can use:
  • Power point with embedded audio and video clips converted to a PDF. e.g.
  • Slide Shows or short films
  • Podcasts
  • OneNote: Share all resources with your class
  • Screencast- o -matic: Create videos for your class and flip the learning - screencast
  • Explain Everything: An App that allows you to use powerpoint and record your voice.

Sharing with the class

  • Google docs and Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Haiku Deck
  • Keynote

Access Effective ICT Sites

Google Apps
Best Apps for Schools
Ipads in the classroom:Links and ideas