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This wiki has been created to support UNSW English Method students to integrate the effective use of technology in the classroom. The model that is being used currently is TPAK - Technological knowledge, Pedagogical knowledge and Content knowledge.

Each page connects to the lectures and tutorials offered each semester, and features web 20 links and resources to support you in the classroom.

A research page has been included so that you can read about current research into ICT and education, and find out more about the TPAK model.

Technology is now an integral part of students' lives. They expect to able to access the information highway to support build their knowledge and understanding, and they enjoy using technology to be creative.

As a teacher you can use technology in many ways, such as to:
  • design and deliver learning
  • enable students to search for information and learn to synthesise and use the information
  • engage students in collaboration and open communication
  • inspire students to use their imagination to create, innovate and design
  • encourage students to reflect, and self and peer assess.

Enjoy the resources and ideas, and please let us know if you would have found any great sites or have any exciting ideas that we can add.
Karen Yager

Marc Prensky - the role of the teacher: 'The partner, the coach and the guide...'